Venues And Services

Bay Expeditions specializes in fully customizable excursions. Your voyage can consist of as many or as few venues as you wish. Our basic sailing excursions start as low as $65 per passenger (6 passenger minimum or contact us for rates on your party size). Below are sample itineraries available to you should you choose to explore with us.

Click HERE For SUP. Click HERE For Open Water Swimming

Sailing Excursions

  • Angel Island Adventure: Disembark from beautiful Marina Bay in Richmond and set sail for Angel Island. If you choose, the sailing leg of your voyage can include circumnavigating the island for a unique view of Angel Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and many more famous local landmarks. Access the island from Ayala Cove’s protected harbor and explore the island for the day. Climb Mt Livermore, visit the many historical landmarks on the island or visit the Angel Island Company Café and Bar for live music and lunch. Many of our passengers simply choose to drop anchor or moor in the protected coves of Angel Island for a relaxing San Francisco Bay getaway. For more on Angel Island, CLICK HERE. (discounted rates for mulit-day options with this venue)


  • China Camp and McNears Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure: Disembark from beautiful Marina Bay in Richmond and set sail for China Camp State Park and McNears Beach County Park. Bay Expeditions is equipped to for guiding and instruction for SUP. All SUP equipment is provided. The beaches at China Camp and McNears offer excellent protection from breezy bay conditions, making this an excellent location for aspiring stand up paddle boarders. Make landfall via your SUP boards to enjoy both parks accessible from our sailing vessel anchored just offshore. Or, spend time on the deck of the Intrepid enjoying this hidden gem of the bay. You may very well have this part of the bay all to yourself. For more on China Camp State Park, CLICK HERE. For more on McNears Beach County Park, CLICK HERE. Single and multi-day options for this venue. (discounted rates for mulit-day options with this venue)


  • Petaluma River Cruising: The Intrepid has made over a dozen trips up and down the Petaluma River. The Petaluma River snakes through two counties for nearly twenty miles. Much of the river consists of reclaimed and preserved wetlands and is viewed by many as a bird watchers paradise. The wildlife and remoteness of this river is a pleasant surprise to most of our clients after having navigated the full length of it’s navigable waters. This river is home to wildlife such as Steelhead and Chinook Salmon, Great Blue Heron, Osprey, Mule Deer and many other plentiful as well as endangered animal species. Passengers travelling the River are treated to four bridge crossings, two of which involve draw bridge openings made exclusively for our passage. Despite the remoteness of this journey, the upper reaches of the Petaluma include the Petaluma Turning Basin. The turning basin sits in the middle of downtown Petaluma where full hookups and secure docks are available to those travelling by boat. The possibilities are endless for this excursion. This Journey is completed comfortably over the course of three days. However, shorter or longer durations excursion are available for this venue. For more information on Petaluma, CLICK HERE.


  • Sausalito Via Richardson Bay: One of our favorite venues. The city of Sausalito sits on the protected waters of Richardson Bay in Marin County. Sailors and city goers alike flock to this location to take advantage of the calm waters this arm of the San Francisco Bay offers. Musician Otis Redding composed the song “Dock Of The Bay” while staying on a houseboat in Sausalito. Stand up paddlers, rowers, open water swimmers, beach combers and boaters use this location year round to immerse themselves in life on the water. The city of Sausalito provides its visitors with world class dining, shopping, art galleries, theaters, bars and grills and local attractions that can keep its visitors engaged for days on end. Because of it’s location on the bay, day trips from Sausalito and Richardson Bay to Angel Island, Tiburon, The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco are easily made in a single day. Passengers who decide to make Richardson Bay and Sausalito their home during this voyage have the option of staying on the Intrepid at one of the many marinas of Sausalito or at anchor on the bay as sailors have done for centuries. For more on Sausalito, CLICK HERE. For more on Richardson Bay, CLICK HERE. Single and multi-day options for this venue. (discounted rates for mulit-day options with this venue)


  • City By The Bay: Need we say more? Avoid the traffic getting to and from San Francisco and pass on the overpriced stays. Spend the day on the water with the ultimate view of the city and finish early to get your night in the city started right. Famous marinas such as South Beach Harbor and San Francisco Marina are literally a stones throw away to dining and drinks. Plush marinas with full amenities such as restaurants, bars, showers and clubhouses make this venue easy for even the most timid sailor. Uber and Lyft remove the burden of expensive and time consuming parking concerns and allow our travelers to enjoy their night on the town care free. Visit the city as sea going explorers once did via the bay for a San Francisco adventure you will never forget. For more on South Beach Harbor, CLICK HERE. For more on San Francisco Marina, CLICK HERE. Price varies upon location and duration of stay. Single and multi-day options for this venue. (discounted rates for mulit-day options with this venue)


  • Open Swimmers Sanctuary: We specialize in sailing adventures that keep you moving. Many of the bays best swimming locations are easily accessed by boat. The Intrepid offers itself as the ultimate open water swimming platform, allowing you to avoid the sometimes precarious scenarios found at the shoreline. Your captain can guide you in your swim with consideration of tides, currents, boat traffic, emergency communications and other critical knowledge required for safe swimming. In addition, our crew can double as pilot for your swim, providing you with the safety and security of a swim escort for the full length of your workout. When your done with swim, take advantage of our swim platform complete with hot and cold running water, our kitchen for a quick post workout snack or one of two sleeping quarters for a power nap…ready for round two! For more on open water swimming, click here. (discounted rates for mulit-day options with this venue)


  • Your Day On The Bay: Unlike large group charters, we provide you with the option of customized events, giving you with the freedom to explore as you choose. Pleasure cruising, SUP, open water swimming and island hopping are just a few of the options that you will have to choose from when you sail with us. Unlike so many other charters, Bay Expeditions provides you with one on one attention from your captain and crew. This means real time on or in the water. Relax with your favorite group or engage in your favorite sport. The choice is yours! We are outfitted to provide you with real bay and coastal water adventures that will inspire. Please do not hesitate to call us with your ideas. We are committed to making your day on the bay an adventure that will last you a lifetime.