Welcome To The San Francisco Bay And Beyond

Bay Expeditions is committed to providing unbeatable quality in San Francisco Bay and Coastal California sailing and water sports excursions. We are equipped to provide a full array of water and land based venues designed to inspire mind, body and soul. Access to the San Francisco Bay and California’s coastal waters shouldn’t be a privilege. Therefore, we strive to provide our clients with bay and coastal water experiences that are affordable, safe and inspiring. Adventure is your right. Bringing adventure to you is our mission!

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What To Expect

When you explore with Bay Expeditions, you become our priority. Unlike large group charters, we care carefully guide you in your customized event while providing you with the freedom to explore as you choose. Pleasure cruising, SUP, open water swimming and island hopping are just a few of the options that you will have to choose from when you sail with us. Unlike so many other charters, Bay Expeditions provides you with one on one attention from your captain and crew. This means real time on or in the water. Relax with your favorite group or engage in your favorite sport. The choice is yours! We are outfitted to provide you with real bay and coastal water adventures that will inspire you for a lifetime.

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Introducing the Intrepid.

The Intrepid is a modern 31 foot sailing vessel owned by Bay Expeditions and available to you for pleasure cruising, water based training, boot camps and if you choose, multi-day sailing adventures. Bay Expeditions is one of just a few bay area charters that provides captains, guides and instructors with the expertise, credentials and resources for cruising experiences designed to inspire. Because we are your captain, guide and instructor, we offer unparalleled options for cruising and fitness adventures at unbeatable prices.

Break free from the confines of large group tours with Bay Expeditions

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